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Free Fire Zone Woodland site is situated 6 miles North of Bourne in Lincolnshire With easy access from A1 and A15.

The site contains many unique natural features, spread over 75 acres of woodland and numerous structures have been built to enhance the playing enjoyment.

Games played include bunker assaults, search and destroy missions, downed pilot recoveries, medic games and many other realistic scenarios. Also a new speedball area has just been completed.


If you own an AEG then its only £20 for the day.

Hiring Equipment Suspended during COVID 19

We also sell

All purchase must be made prior to attandance as no sales are available at game site

  • BB's EXCEL and Mauri, .20g and .25g and other sniper ammo .29, .36, .40 and .43.
  • Gas
  • Wire mesh full face masks
  • BB Grenades and Smoke grenades

Ordering from Fire Support

Additional items of equipment can be ordered from Fire Support.

Orders must be paid for in advance and your purchased items will be brought to site free of postage.

Orders must be placed online before 9am on the Friday before the game. Please select "woodland site" as the Country, add a comment to deliver to game and use the woodland site address as the address when making your order

Orders after 9am on friday should be followed up with a phone call to make sure that we do not miss the order or you can order by phone.

Food and Facilities

You must provide your own lunch and bring plenty of water.

Toilet facilities are available.

Suitable FOOTWARE must be worn or you will be refused ENTRY
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