Welcome to FFZ

Free Fire Zone is an Airsoft site based near Bourne has been running for over 10 years.

The site is situated 6 miles North of Bourne in Lincolnshire With easy access from A1 and A15.

We operate every other Sunday come rain or shine. With an average attendance of around 100 Airsofters on each game, we guarantee you a great day of Airsoft Skimish.

Games played include bunker assaults, search and destroy missions, downed pilot recoveries, medic games and many other realistic scenarios. Also a new speedball area has just been completed.


Site Features

Gaming Area

The gaming area contains many unique natural features, spread over 75 acres of woodland and numerous structures have been built to enhance the playing enjoyment.

We have invested heavily in to the Free Fire Zone site to make it packed with great features that adds extra to dimension to your game play. We have a multitude of bunkers scattered around the site, a vietnam style village, a artillery fire base as well as many other great features all set in lush woodands with varying terrain. You could not ask much more from a woodlands Airsoft site.

Airsoft Consumables

As well as great gaming features, we also sell a range of Airsoft consumables.

Comfort factor

No need to bring your own food as we have hot food and drinks available for purchase on site. Plus there is no need to bring your own shovel and toilet roll as we have portable toilet for your convienence.

You need to pre-book

New price


We now ask that all players attending Free Fire Zone should pre-book before arriving. and pay the game fee by card in advance.

But by pre-booking, we have an idea of the sort of numbers that will be attending which allows us to structure the day and content of the games according to the numbers of players.

In order to pre-book simply drop us an email at sales@firesupport.uk.

For all your airsoft needs visit www.fire-support.co.uk

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