About Us

Our Airsoft guns and accessories shop Firesupport Ltd. is run by 2 airsoft enthusiasts John and Frank who have been in the airsoft industry for more than 12 years.

We run our own successful Airsoft site Free Fire Zone. We aim to provide a top quality service with the best possible prices. Customer service is our main priority. In stock are all the latest Airsoft guns and pistols. Our stock includes models by manufacturers such as Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, Western Arms and KSC. We also stock upgrade parts made by Systema.

As well as running the web shop we also have been and still are running a very successful airsoft site called Free Fire Zone. Free Fire Zone is located near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire in the UK. Free Fire Zone has been running events every other Sunday for the last two and half years. Our attendance is now over 80 people with a maximum so far this year attending on one day of 105. Free Fire Zone plays on a mixture of open areas, woodland and scrub over 70 acres of land. At the site we have 5 complexes of bunkers, some of them being made up of upto five bunkers. The web site for Free Fire Zone is www.freefirezone.co.uk. On the web site you will see photographs and video footage of the site taken during various games. Free Fire Zone is a able to supply hire guns for up to 20 people and these are regularly booked up 2 - 3 games in advance. Corporate / private days are available on requests and a price will be calculated for the whole day.

Airsoft guns and sniper rifles are sold by fire-support Ltd. At fire-support Ltd we sell airsoft guns and sniper rifles that are made by various airsoft manufacturers located all over the world. Airsoft guns and sniper rifles are made by Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, Classic Army, ICS, Elite, JET and TOP. As well as selling airsoft guns and sniper rifles at fire-support we also sell pistols that are made by Western Arms, Tokyo Marui, KSC . The airsoft guns and sniper rifles sold by fire-support can also be upgraded and maintained. Fire-support offers a full service facility of your equipment even if the equipment has not been sold by us. From time to time we have special offers at fire-support which means that you can even more value for money. Buying your equipment from us means you will get a good quality service for a very reasonable price.

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