Games Dates


    All players must book in prior to game by email

    Game fee is £ 20 cash on day please

    Please join email list for latest updates by emailing

    These dates are subject to change, addition, removal and therefore please check before making any plans around game dates, above all, BOOK IN!

      • 2023 - updated 4th December 2023
      • Sun 10th December FFZ Woodland
      • 2024 Dates
      • 7th January - Cancelled No Game
      • 4th February
      • 3rd March
      • 31st March
      • 14th April NO GAME
      • 28th April
      • 12th May
      • 26th May
      • 9th June NO GAME
      • 23rd June
      • 7th July
      • 21st July
      • 4th August
      • 18th August
      • 1st September
      • 15th September
      • 29th September
      • TBA
    • Please remember to email us the list of names and the date you are attending

    Urban Assault is now closed as of 25th May 2019

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Suitable FOOTWEAR must be worn or you will be refused ENTRY
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