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UKARA Player Self check now available HERE
Find out if your site has renewd you or the shop added you to the UKARA system.
Always send (email or post) your completed form after taking a copy to a retailer to add to the UKARA database as sites cannot add you they can only do renewals.

UK Law changed on Oct 2007 with the VCR Bill
The Government changed the law about replica gun sales (the VCR Bill Oct 2007 banned the sale of replica guns with a few exceptions).
From now on if you are not a member of a UKARA registered site you will find it very difficult to buy a replica gun by mail order or internet.


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All logos used with permission of organisations.

Airsoft sites web site is the only web site like it in the UK. We provide all the links to all the UK airsoft sites. Airsoft sites contains links to over 35 airsoft site, Airsoft sites provides a visual link to where the airsoft sites are in the UK.

Each site listed on the Airsoft Sites web site contains a brief description to the site, various contact details including telephone number, mobile number, email address and a link to the airsoft sites web site.

Some airsoft sites do not have web pages and this is one of their only ways of advertising their prescence.

Also included in the description of the airsoft site are costs for hire guns and costs for walk-ons. Some sites sell other items on site and these may also be shown as well.

Airsoft sites also provides you with links to multi map so that you may easily find your way to the and also for those that are put off by bad weather there is a link to the BBC's 5 day weather forecast.

Airsoft sites is created and maintained by Frank who runs Free Fire Zone and also the web shop Firesupport. If you see any items that are incorrect or you hear of new sites starting up or old ones closing down please contact me and I will make the necessary changes to the airsoft sites map.

As well as running a web shop we also have been and still are running a successful airsoft site called Free Fire Zone. Free Fire Zone is near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Free Fire Zone has been running events every other Sunday for the last two years. Our average attendance is now 80 people with a maximum so far attending of 105. Free Fire Zone plays on a mixture of woodland and scrub over 70 acres of land. The web site for Free Fire Zone is On the web site you will see photographs and video footage of the site. Free Fire Zone is a able to supply hire guns for up to 20 people and these are regularly booked up 2 - 3 games in advance. Corporate / private days are available on requests and a price will be calculated for the whole day.

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